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How Do I Create a Password-Protected Directory?

Sometimes part of a web site will need to be password protected so that only certain users can access it. You can create password protection that will block access to all users except those with passwords that you create. It is generally not a good idea to password protect your "www" directory, because no one will be able to access your web site.

To create a password-protected directory, log in to your website's control panel located at

Click "Site Manager" on the left.

  1. Once you have created a directory you want to protect, select that folder in the Site Manager. If the directory is inside another one in the /www directory (i.e., /www/images/secret), select the directory it is located in and click "Open Directory". If you would like to protect a file, click on the file name inside the folder.
  2. Select the username and password used to enter the directory. You can create several different username/password combinations for the same directory if you wish.
  3. Click "Protect".
  4. To test it, type in the path name that you have protected (e.g. to see if a password window is displayed.

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